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Advanced Energy Storage from Alpha ESS

Alpha ESS Residential Series


Smile5 - Hybrid Inverter - 5kW

Offering a fast response and uninterruptible power supply, the 5kW single-phase hybrid inverter features an intelligent modular design and 24/7 monitoring both online and via the Alpha ESS app.



Smile-B3 - All-in-one Battery Module - 3kW inverter 

Offering excellent performance and a long life span, the Smile-B3 is an AC coupled all-in-one battery module with 3kW inverter. It is low maintenance and easy to install with 24/7 monitoring.

Alpha ESS Smile5-Bat


Smile5-BAT - 5.7 kWh Parallel Battery for Smile5

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Smile5-BAT from Alpha ESS features a modular ‘plug & play’ design with a 5.7 kWh capacity and 10-year battery warranty.

Alpha ESS Smile5-Bat


M4856-P - 2.9 kWh Battery for the Smile-B3 and Smile5

With its modular design, the ‘plug & play’ M4856-P Battery from Alpha ESS has a 10-year battery warranty and is safe for both indoor and outdoor use as well as being cobalt-free.

Battery Storage Product Training

Held online and in our purpose-built training centre, we're able to offer our customer's product training across our range of battery storage products including Alpha ESS, GoodWe and BYD.